Finding boarding for a pregnant cat


Pregnancy is a very exciting time for any cat owner. As much as you may want to keep your cat by your side through this time, sometimes you may need to board them due to unforeseen circumstances. Here are some things to keep in mind when you search for a boarding facility for your pregnant cat. 

Comfortable nesting space

Your cat will be feeling a little larger than normal and 'out of sorts' emotionally. She will probably be looking to start 'nesting' so if you know that you will be having to board her, it will be a good idea to give her a nesting box where she can comfortably sleep with familiar towels or blankets. Start using this for a few weeks at home before you head to the boarding facility to make the nesting box feels and smells like home by the time you place her in the facility.

Food and water

A pregnant cat may need more food, including more regular meals than normal, as she needs the energy to maintain the pregnancy. Look for a facility that has an option of multiple feeding times, will let you bring your own food, and allows the animals free access to fresh water. 

Personal space

She will also be feeling a lot more conscious of having some private space as she approaches the birth and may become agitated or lash out if she feels her personal space is being encroached upon. It's important for her to have an enclosure at the boarding facility that feels safe and doesn't feel crowded by other animals or the staff. It is ideal to find a space that doesn't have the smell or line of sight to other enclosures. 

Medical support

As your cat may go into labour at any time, it is a good idea to find a facility that has the ability to watch the animals. This does not have to involve having staff on-site, but it is a good idea to have animals who are pregnant monitored regularly, especially when in active labour. While most of the time the mother cat will be able to labour successfully without any extra support, it can be a good idea to have the ability to call for vet support if the labour doesn't seem to be progressing (for example if a kitten is caught in the birthing canal) or the kittens or mother seem to be distressed. 

Finding the right boarding facility can help you to relax while your pregnant cat is boarding. For more information, contact local professionals like Penfield Kennels & Cattery.


10 November 2016

Keeping a happy home

I work a fly-in, fly-out job. I begged my wife for a puppy last year, and she finally caved in just before I started this job. The dog was driving her a bit batty when I was away, as she also has the kids to look after. Unfortunately, my puppy gets a bit silly when my wife is at work, and the puppy digs up the backyard. We've just invested in a doggy daycare down the road, that even picks the dog up every morning, and it's making for a much happier household all round. This blog is about how doggy daycare can make life easier.