5 Ways to Ensure Your Cat is Safe While You Go on Holiday


Going away on holiday while your cat stays home alone is never an easy thing to do for any cat owner. In fact, it can be tempting to take your feline with you. In a survey conducted over the past decade of people who took their pets abroad with them, half of them stated that their cat was too much a part of the family to leave behind. 

However, taking a cat on holiday to a strange land for more than several days might not be the best course of action. Don't worry. You are not alone. There are around 3.3 million pet cats in Australia, which means there are numerous ways that you can ensure your cat is safe, not sorry, while you enjoy your holiday. Here are 7 of the best. 

Have Someone Catsit

This is probably the most favourable option of the five, and the least stressful for your cat. Cats don't like change and so even though you won't be there for them, at least they'll be around familiar sights, sounds and scents. Preferably choose someone that they already know to stay over while you are gone. Cats may be independent but that doesn't mean they don't get lonely. 

Ask Someone to Visit Daily to Feed, Clean and Pamper

It can be difficult finding someone willing to stay over while you are away so the next best thing is to ask someone you know to pop round twice a day to feed, clean and pamper your cat. 

Pay a Service to Care for Your Cat at Home

If by some chance you are unable to get a friend or relative to visit your house, you can also hire a service to send someone round to care for your cat while you are away. Search for cat minding services in your area but make sure you do your research on them first to make sure they are professional and experienced. 

Have Your Cat Stay with a Friend or Relative

Cats don't like strange places and your friend or relative may struggle to cope with your stressed out cat, but it's a better option than leaving your cats on their own. 

Put Your Cat in a Cattery

If you plan on going away for a considerable length of time, a cattery might be the best option. However, make sure you do your research before settling on one as like any service, some are better than others. The best catteries will have well-ventilated areas, indoor and outdoor areas for your cat to roam, good level of cleanliness, smoke alarms, and mild-mannered staff. Make sure you visit several catteries to get a feel for them before you make a decision. 

Make sure you arrange care for your cat well in advance of leaving. This will save both you and your feline friends a lot of stress. The last thing you want while on holiday is to be worried about your cat. 


17 August 2016

Keeping a happy home

I work a fly-in, fly-out job. I begged my wife for a puppy last year, and she finally caved in just before I started this job. The dog was driving her a bit batty when I was away, as she also has the kids to look after. Unfortunately, my puppy gets a bit silly when my wife is at work, and the puppy digs up the backyard. We've just invested in a doggy daycare down the road, that even picks the dog up every morning, and it's making for a much happier household all round. This blog is about how doggy daycare can make life easier.